Protected Characteristics in the Workplace

Protected Characteristics in the Workplace Federal law dictates that co-workers and employers cannot discriminate on the basis of national origin, sex, race, age, color, religion, or mental/physical capacity. These characteristics are called “protected classes”, as most are identifying factors which people are unable to change and may be a part of their personal identity. Furthermore,

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Property Title Disputes

When two adjoining landowners are not in agreement over who owns an area of property, this is considered a title dispute. Essentially, what is happening is the property owners are not sure who owns the title to that particular section of land. To distinguish from a property title dispute, boundary disputes occur when landowners are

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What is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure Lawyer Foreclosure occurs when someone is unable to pay the mortgage on their home, or is extremely behind on payments of that home or property. What happens after these payments aren’t made is that the bank or agency that administered the loan tries to return that property or home to their possession. What they

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What Is a Living Trust?

With a living trust, a person places real estate, bank accounts, vehicles and other assets in trust during her or his lifetime. As a trust lawyer in Bergen County, NJ, from a firm like the Law offices of Joshua Kaplan can explain, this legal document explains how the individual wants to distribute the contents of

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