workers comp lawyer El Paso, TX

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance carried by employers to help employees who are injured on the job. Some states require employers to carry the insurance no matter how many employees they have. Other states, though, only mandate insurance for companies with a certain number of workers. Contract and temporary workers are usually not protected by this type of insurance. You must understand your benefits under this type of insurance and know how to file a claim if needed.

Understanding Timely Filing

Workers’ compensation claims have a timely filing deadline attached to them. This means a person has a specified amount of time to file a claim to receive benefits after an accident. However, there are often different deadlines for reporting an accident or injury to an employer. So, employees should immediately report these events to their direct supervisors. Failure to do this can make the employee’s claim invalid. Timely filing is in place as a safeguard against fraud.

Informing Your Employer

After being injured on the job, many people dread reporting the incident to an employer. However, most states require that the injury be reported within 30 days. If the employee fails to do so, he or she will be ineligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Sometimes, employers are not cooperative in filing the claim or taking the report seriously. In this situation, the injured employee can hire a workers’ compensation lawyer. The lawyer can help the worker file for the compensation he or she needs.

Filing for Benefits

Every state has different laws regarding workers’ compensation. For most states, a claim must be filed for compensation within one to two years of the initial injury. A claim made after this time has passed is likely to be denied. Therefore, it is important to gather all your medical records and file the claim as soon as possible. Do not lose your chance of being compensated for your injury just because you do not file in time. Instead, realize the importance of timely filing of your claim.

Workplace injuries are common. The chances of sustaining these injuries are higher when safety practices are not put into place and followed. If you have been injured on the job, contact a local workers comp lawyer El Paso, TX such as Roger Davie P.C. who can help fight your case. Loss of wages from a workplace injury is a serious thing, and workers’ compensation can help support you through a difficult time.