Dealing with the logistics of opening and operating a small business may not have been what you had in mind when you pursued your professional degree. Maybe you saw your chiropractic credentials as a way to help people heal and feel better. Or, perhaps you intended your law degree to aid people with their legal struggles.

But, perhaps you didn’t figure on the day in, day out necessities of running a small practice or business. Running a small practice takes planning, execution, organization, and most importantly, time. Like so many other small business people, you may need a solid understanding of the basics, including:

  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Industry
  • Marketing
  • Innovation

Fortunately, a company that provides resources and business solutions can help you open and operate a successful business.


Turning your brilliant ideas into a reality starts in the planning stages. A roadmap is necessary when preparing to launch a viable small business or practice, especially if you intend to grow and achieve success. Adequate planning may include going through a process of raising critical questions and researching answers. Steps to take may include:

  • Create a business plan
  • Choose a business profile or structure
  • Define your audience
  • Develop your service
  • Research your industry
  • Analyze your market and create a marketing strategy
  • Plan your operations
  • Determine your financial needs


Whether you need help launching your business or you’re already in full swing, you may need to acquire funding. You would be well-advised to conduct quite a bit of research in the financing stages to make sure you have adequate support until your business or practice can cruise on its own. Here are some things to consider :

  • Investment costs of startup
  • Funding needed until the practice can sustain itself
  • Funding sources, including bank loans and bank loan alternatives
  • Steps required to secure funding


As a small business owner, you’ll be responsible for overseeing many different aspects of the day-to-day operation of your practice. You’ll want to establish a clear and organized process to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Documenting what is working well and changing what is not is also part of managing a practice. Like many of the other stages of business formations and operation, decisions you make here can affect your chances for maintaining a thriving practice.


To prevent your business or practice from hitting a growth ceiling, you may need to create and execute an expansion plan. Considerations may include:

  • Necessary funding to expand
  • Growth strategies
  • Revising or refinancing your funding sources

If you’re looking for advice on owning and operating a small business or professional practice, a business solutions company can help. Success or failure may not only depend on your business acumen, but it may also depend on the guidance and input you heed. Call today to get customized help and advice from an experienced business solutions company in your local area.