Having an understanding of divorce is a critical part of the process. It can be difficult to know what information is correct when you take a look because of all the information you can find. However, not all of it is real and it can be hard to know what is just there to rile you up. The only want to really do that is to know what to expect and how much is only hyped up due to the media out there. 

It can be hard to find the right information but that is why we have put together a list of the most common divorce myths.

4 Common Divorce Myths 

There are plenty of myths to debunk but there are the top # to look out for. 

  1. Adultery Costs You Everything 

Isn’t it the case that if one spouse has an affair the other gets everything? One person will lose the house, the kids, the car, the dog, and anything else? That is how every country song seems to go at least. The truth is that is really only there for dramatic movies and TV. The real world doesn’t work like that. While yes, your marriage will likely end, unless the adultery negatively impacts the fiances it probably won’t impact the division of property. 

  1. Your Must Divorce Where You Married 

Many people think that you have to dissolve the marriage in the state that you were originally married in. That just simply isn’t the case. Life rarely remains static and people move for plenty of reasons across the country. As such, you can file for divorce where you live. That said you can’t just move to another state and divorce the same week. You have to meet the residency requirements which vary from state to state. 

  1. Mothers Always Get Custody 

This is a myth that many people still believe is true. That no matter what the mother is going to get custody of the children in a divorce. Yes, there are biases that still exist but more and more fathers are getting custody of their children. Rather than automatically going with the mother over a father the court puts the child’s best interest in mind. Regardless of gender, whoever can best give the child what they need is who is going to gain custody. 

  1. Most Divorces Go to Trial 

Most divorces rarely make it to the courtroom. It makes for great entertainment for TV and movies but the truth is most cases never go to trial. Most cases are settled outside of a trial and it is smooth sailing from there. Yes, some do go to trial but those are not as common as settling outside.