You’ve been in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence. You have nothing to hide and are eager to give any information that could help resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Beware that your openness and cooperation may be used against you. If the other insurer tries to contact you, it’s best to decline to talk to them.

What Information Should You Give?

It is not uncommon for the at-fault driver’s insurance company to reach out after a car accident. They may ask for your statement and they may even be eager to offer you a quick settlement. They will almost certainly ask to record the conversation. They may even try to convince you that your recorded statement is required to settle the case. What do you do? You should know that there is no legal requirement for you to speak to them.

If your insurance adjuster or attorney is already working on the case, they can speak to them on your behalf. However, if you inadvertently answer a call from the opposing insurance company, give only your name, address and phone number if asked, then notify them that you have a lawyer or adjuster handling this for you and give them the contact information.

Why Should I Decline to Give a Statement?

Keep in mind that insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible on any claim. In order to do so, it is to their advantage to try to find inconsistencies or conflicting declarations in your statement as compared to what is in the police reports. One word used innocently and in absolute truth can be used to refute prior statements. Insurance investigators are well versed in questioning in a manner that could cause you to make statements that could lead to a denial of the claim.

An experienced claims adjuster may even try aggressive tactics to try to make you angry or frustrated to get you to say or agree to something that you do not know is true. This could be used to show that you contradicted previous statements or changed your version of the facts. The adjuster will try anything to try to show that your claim is untrue or even to deflect responsibility.

When in doubt, consult a licensed car accident lawyer in Tampa, FL, such as from Jeff Murphy Law. They are there to advise you of your rights and work on your behalf to ensure you are treated justly. Let their expertise ensure that you are compensated fairly.