Personal injury claims are typically filed against the responsible party’s insurance provider. If the injury received is severe enough, then you might be visited by an insurance adjuster while you are still in the hospital recovering. Most likely, they will come across as friendly and sympathetic to your pain and suffering. They will probably start the conversation in a pleasant way, asking how your feeling. However, many talks will take a turn quickly from cordial to interrogating. Therefore, it is necessary to keep in mind that insurance adjusters are not your friends.

Adjusters Are Paid Employees

Like any other corporate representative, an insurance adjuster has a job to do, and unfortunately, their job is to reduce the exposure and risk to the insurer. Therefore, even when conversations seem friendly, the adjuster is likely weighing every response you make, trying to find any reason to deny or reduce your claim. Consequently, it is crucial that you avoid any discussion about your injury. If you feel the need to answer any of their questions, then limit your responses to your name, address, contact and the contact information of your attorney if you have one.

Insurance Companies Don’t Want Publicity

Insurers do not want the publicity of lawsuits, especially when sustained injuries are severe. Therefore, they can sometimes employ underhanded tactics to reduce their liability. These tactics are usually presented through an adjuster who is just trying to do their job. One tactic is recording conversations with victims who are still in the hospital. Therefore, make sure that you do not allow yourself to be recorded. If an adjuster asks, then simply tell them no. They do not need to record your conversation, and it is not your responsibility to make their job easier. The best approach to handling an adjuster is to tell them you cannot have a conversation without your lawyer.

Serious Injuries Require Representation

While it is possible to handle a personal injury claim without an attorney, the more severe your injuries, the more likely a lawyer will benefit your claim. Extensive injuries accumulate costs rapidly, but some of the expenses do not manifest until later. An experienced personal injury attorney understands this, and they have knowledge of certain injuries, which means they can offer more support and advice surrounding costs and expected settlements.

If you have been injured and were approached by an adjuster, then contact a personal injury attorney, like a Memphis personal injury lawyer from Patterson Bray. A lawyer experienced in your type of claim can help you communicate with insurers without potentially risking any potential settlement or judgment.