Court Is Not Always Necessary With Personal Injury Cases

Often, the injuries sustained in an accident are traumatic enough without the thought of reliving the incident in court. However, a trial is a possible result of filing a suit, which is why many people, especially those who fear the court experience, avoid suing and never receive the compensation they rightfully deserve. Unfortunately, the fear of the court system or trial experience is too overwhelming for many people despite it being unrealistic. Like fear most often is, the expectation of trial is often greatly exaggerated.

The Reality of Trial

Personal injury claims rarely make it to trial. Most claims are settled outside of courts through negotiations and mediation. In fact, for many meetings outside of a trial, the victim may not even need to be present, meaning that an attorney can handle the talks and arguments for the victim. There is no need, then, to fear the litigation process.

Why You Should File Suit

An accident can leave the victim in a financially difficult position, mainly if the injuries affect their ability to make a living. Medical bills, property loss and even psychological trauma can lead to significant and compounding financial losses, and it is only fair that the at-fault party takes responsibility for their actions.

However, beyond the responsibility of the at-fault party, a victim must take control of their fear. While the likelihood of a trial is slim, sometimes personal injury claims will result in court proceedings, mostly when a settlement agreement cannot be made. When a trial is imminent, the victim may be required to come to the courthouse. However, even when required to attend the trial, know that you will not be required to speak or testify unless you want to. Your attorney will help you determine when speaking out is necessary, but most often, a lawyer will understand your reluctance to testify, and they will respect your decision. However, keep in mind that sometimes the best testimony does not come from experts; it comes from the victim. Therefore, your best opportunity for a favorable judgment may be to take the stand and share your side of the incident and how your injuries affect your life.

If you are apprehensive about testifying or the idea of a trial, then contact a personal injury attorney like One Stop Business Solution to discuss your case. They can often help you determine the likelihood of a trial. If a trial is likely, they can help prepare you for the occasion.