In making your decision as to whether or not to contact a DUI lawyer, you might be wondering what the ramifications might be should you be convicted of a DUI. Unless you were charged with a DUI in the very small minority of states that consider it a traffic violation rather than a criminal offense, a conviction will result in serious consequences. For some, the consequences may be even more severe than for others. The truth is that you are at the mercy of the criminal justice system if you do not have an experienced DUI lawyer representing you. Not only that, with a skilled DUI lawyer by your side not only will you have a much improved chance of receiving a lighter sentence, you might have the charge dropped altogether. How would that be possible? A seasoned DUI lawyer understands all the ways in which a judge or the prosecutor can be convinced that the case should be dismissed.

How do I defend myself against a DUI charge?

When a DUI lawyer from our firm accepts a case, one of the first priorities is to determine whether or not our client’s rights were violated at any point—from the moment the officer pulled them over to the arrest and even the booking of our client at the police station. Further, any results from tests that were conducted to measure the blood alcohol content of our client will be closely examined, as will be the instruments used to perform those tests. For example, if the calibration of the field equipment was not done recently and within acceptable accuracy limits, our DUI lawyer will notify the prosecutor that the test results will be vigorously contested in court. It’s then up to the prosecutor to decide if they want to continue pursuing the case and risk being embarrassed in the courtroom when the judge throws out the case for lack of evidence. 

It’s things like this that every DUI lawyer on our legal team will use to the advantage of their clients. When a person decides to defend themselves they’re usually at a great disadvantage because they do not have the decades of experience that our firm brings to the table. And when it’s your future at stake, you may realize that investing in your future by hiring the best DUI lawyer you can afford is the smartest decision you can make. In short, the way to defend yourself is to begin by calling a law firm to discuss your case at no charge with a DUI lawyer.

What happens if this is not my first DUI charge?

The crux of the matter is that with every DUI conviction on your record, the more devastating the repercussions will be for each subsequent conviction. In this way, a DUI conviction is always serious, but if you already have a record for drinking and driving, the Court will consider you a habitual offender and treat you accordingly. Their standpoint is that if you have not already learned your lesson, the punishment will become more and more severe with each conviction. 

Do yourself a favor and make every effort to avoid a conviction, whether this is your first charge or if you have been down this road in the past.