Grief is one of the most stressful emotions. After a person dies, those left behind must deal with their own feelings of loss and all the legal issues of probate. If that person died due to the negligence of others, it can only compound the problem. If you’re considering a wrongful death claim, you might feel apprehensive about talking to an attorney.

You’re not dishonoring the decedent by finding an attorney. It’s not a bad thing to get legal advice from someone who knows the intricacies of wrongful death laws. A lawyer can give you a fair assessment of your situation to give your information about how to proceed. What should you look for in a wrongful death lawyer?

What to Look for in a Wrongful Death Attorney

You probably have dozens of wrongful death attorneys in your community. Choosing one can be daunting, especially because you’re grieving. You could start by asking friends and families for recommendations. Even so, you’ll want to do your due diligence to make sure that any attorney you choose is the best person for the job.

    • How much experience does the lawyer have in wrongful death cases and specifically in the industry that the wrongful death occurred? If your loved one died in a car accident, you want a lawyer well-versed in that area, not in construction accidents.
    • Can this lawyer focus on your case? How many other cases does he or she currently have? Most attorneys will have several cases going at once, but if several are high-profile, your case might not take precedence.
    • What kind of resources does the attorney have in his or her office? Will associates be working on the case?
    • What kind of reputation does the attorney have in the community with other attorneys or businesspeople? Check online reviews to get an overall look at how the public views the attorney.
    • Check the state bar association website for any disciplinary actions against the attorney.
  • Ask your lawyer about other cases similar to yours and what the outcomes have been.

Trust Your Feelings

Don’t just choose a lawyer based on the website or recommendations. You should plan to interview the attorney, not just to feel comfortable with the lawyer, but to see if the lawyer can take on your case. No attorney can guarantee you an outcome, but a good lawyer will give you a fair assessment of your case, the good, bad and ugly. You should get information on potential problems and issues you may have to overcome. Trust your instincts when you’re looking for a wrongful death lawyer.