Car accidents are sadly very common and in most situations there is some kind of damage, whether that be bodily injury or damage to the vehicle. Situations such as car accidents vary on the range of damages which is one factor that can help you determine if you need a lawyer or not, as well as knowing who the person at fault is. 

According to a car accident lawyer with our friends at Brandy Austin Law Firm, some situations when you would need an attorney after a car accident would be: If you were injured in a car accident an attorney will definitely be able to help you. A personal injury attorney would be the best fit because they specialize in cases regarding injuries and can help inform you of your rights and what payment you will be able to receive. Your attorney will be able to put all your evidence together and see the proof of personal injury and also damage to the vehicle and any other evidence that might be necessary. Then they will be able to help you decide how much money you can possibly receive in compensation. If your insurance company gave you a low settlement offer an attorney may be able to help you prove to your insurer that you deserve a higher settlement than that. If an insurance adjuster reviews your situation and they provide an answer that doesn’t help you or an answer that you know could be higher, you can get the help of an attorney to prove that you deserve compensation. Some things you can be compensated for are: medical bills, x-rays, loss of wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. In this situation you wouldn’t necessarily need a personal injury attorney, an insurance dispute attorney would be best equipped to help you. If you were not at fault then an attorney can help you get compensation you deserve. Nobody deserves to have wrong done to them without a way to be compensated for it and that’s exactly what an attorney helps with. Since you were not at fault, you can get more compensation, the more at fault you are, the less compensation you can get. 

Some situations when you would not need an attorney after a car accident would be: If you weren’t injured you may not need a personal injury attorney. A property damage lawyer would help you because they are able to assess the damage to your vehicle as well as damages to the opposing party’s vehicle and get you proper compensation. A property damage attorney may not be a path you want to take, which is okay. You’re able to deal with your insurance company on your own and an attorney is not necessary. 

If You Don’t Need Compensation, Aren’t Interested In Getting Paid 

The process of dealing with an attorney after a car accident may be time consuming depending on the situation. If you don’t think the payout will be worth the hassle that is totally understandable, in that case you would not need an attorney of any kind. 

If you were at fault in a car accident you would not need to contact a personal injury attorney to help you. You may need an attorney to defend you if the other person chooses to sue you. Your insurance company may cover all of the damages but it depends on your plan and your insurance company which is where it can get confusing. 

The wide range of accidents that happen are met with a wide range of lawyers that can help you get compensation. Getting an attorney is not for everyone but if you are in a situation like this you may want to think about contacting an attorney to help you.