There are some caregivers for victims of TBI who know they need a lawyer, but they’re not sure at what point to hire someone. If the doctors don’t know the full extent of the injury, should you contact a lawyer now? Should you wait until there’s been a full diagnosis? You may have a lot of questions. As a general rule, especially if you know you’ll eventually need legal help, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible. The following are some reasons why.

Collecting Evidence Along the Way

Every state has a statute of limitations, which is a deadline, for which individuals with TBI can file a lawsuit after being injured. If you miss the deadline, you may be exempt from receiving compensation. Even if you contact a lawyer just before the deadline hits, he or she will need time to collect evidence and make a solid case for you. If you contact a lawyer right after the injury takes place, he or she can collect that evidence along the way so everything is ready to go when you’re ready to file before the statute runs out.

Providing Sound Advice

When your loved one is receiving treatment for TBI, it can get overwhelming. There is so much you’ll learn as you go to appointments and work with caregivers, but there’s also a lot you may not ever understand. A lawyer can give you sound advice when you don’t know what to do or where to turn. If a medical professional is saying one thing, and it just doesn’t feel right to you, your lawyer can help you know how to deal with those types of situations.

Establishing Damages

If your attorney is involved from the very beginning of the case, he or she will be present when everything takes place. This will make it easier for the attorney to establish damages with the evidence he or she has collected. Some damages may include lost income, pain and suffering, punitive damages, past medical treatment, future medical care, loss of companionship, and rehabilitation services.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

It’s unfortunate, but many insurance companies won’t offer a fair settlement to victims of TBI who don’t have a lawyer. With an attorney by your side, it lets the insurance company know you mean business and that you have someone who will advocate for your rights and fair compensation. This could end up being really good for you, as an insurance company could offer a higher payout to avoid being taken to court.

Contacting Your Attorney Today

Dealing with TBI comes with a list of obstacles, but there is help for you and your loved ones. Contact a brain injury lawyer today to learn more about how his or her assistance can benefit you from the very beginning.