Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Uber can be a useful way to get around in a jiffy and for a reasonable price. Many people use the ride-sharing company Uber as a main form of transportation, especially if they live within a busy city area. Unfortunately, passengers may find themselves involved in an Uber accident and may not understand what their options are in seeking compensation for what happened. An attorney has met with many clients likely just like yourself, who were part of an uber accident and now don’t know what to do. Here we have listed some advice on how to respond:

Always Get Medical Attention

Some injuries just don’t appear in the immediate moments after an accident. With a rush of adrenaline and panic, the body may mask the pain for hours or days afterwards. Many victims may claim they feel a-okay, but then slowly start to experience aches and pain in the days to follow. By getting an exam from a doctor, it can help prevent underlying injuries from getting worse because you sought treatment early.

Please do not just wait to see if you have any injuries after the accident. It can have a negative impact on your claim if it took you too long to get medical care after the collision. It is in your best interest both health-wise and financially to get medical attention as quickly as possible after the accident.

Never Speak Directly with an Insurance Adjuster

An insurance adjuster may contact the victim of the Uber accident to ask questions about what happened. An attorney highly discourages victims from speaking directly with an insurance adjuster, as what is said could be used to minimize or deny their claim. The insurance adjuster may come off as being very compassionate and supportive, when in reality he or she knows how to twist what you have said to reduce Uber’s liability.

The Growing Prevalence of Uber Injuries

As the number of people who use Uber grows, so does the likelihood of being involved in an accident. Since the laws pertaining to Uber accidents is still a newer area, seeking compensation can be more complicated. If the driver was at-fault, then he or she is responsible for paying restitution to the injured passenger. Once the driver’s insurance has been exhausted, only then may Uber contribute in compensating the injured passenger. But even then, Uber is likely to try to get the victim to accept a settlement that is way beyond what he or she really deserves. That is why we suggest talking with an experienced attorney, so victims are protected from being tricked by Uber.

Please call a motor vehicle accident lawyer right away if you suffered injuries and other losses due to an Uber accident. An attorney can strategize as to how to get you the amount you require to recover from the incident.

Source: motor vehicle accident lawyer Montgomery County, MD, Cohen Lawyers.