What Is a Living Trust?

With a living trust, a person places real estate, bank accounts, vehicles and other assets in trust during her or his lifetime. As a trust lawyer in Bergen County, NJ, from a firm like the Law offices of Joshua Kaplan can explain, this legal document explains how the individual wants to distribute the contents of […]

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Personal Injury Cases: Court

Court Is Not Always Necessary With Personal Injury Cases Often, the injuries sustained in an accident are traumatic enough without the thought of reliving the incident in court. However, a trial is a possible result of filing a suit, which is why many people, especially those who fear the court experience, avoid suing and never

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Why Should I Hire a Construction Accident Lawyer?

As per the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s data for 2015, three of the top ten safety violations happened on construction sites. If you were severely injured this way, to protect your right to receive compensation from those responsible you should consider hiring a construction accident lawyer. Construction accidents can be complicated when

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Federal Employee Discrimination

Civil Rights Lawyer Workplace discrimination can happen anywhere. It can happen in IT companies, the fashion industry, and even in retail. While there are many avenues for reporting discrimination in the workplace, you have several other options when you are a federal employee and you believe that someone is discriminating against you. When someone discriminates

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