Cab Company Accidents: What to Do After an Accident

No matter the vehicles involved in an accident, whether you were a pedestrian or in another car, the damages can be financially and medically devastating. When a taxi is involved, what can you do? After a car accident, drivers and passengers may struggle to determine liability normally, you may be even more confused when a cab is involved. There are two common scenarios involving cab accidents. Either you were struck while walking or struck while driving. Assuming that you were not at fault, here is what you need to know.

Taxi and Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents are most likely to occur near sidewalks or crosswalks. In many cases, taxi drivers may be paying more attention to the traffic, rather than pedestrian crossing. When pedestrians are struck by vehicles, it is almost always the fault of the driver. The driver has a responsibility to watch out for people on foot or on a bicycle. After all, when struck by a car, a pedestrian has more of a risk of serious injuries.

For those who are hit by a car, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver or the cab company. In most cases, the cab company is responsible for the driver. Of course, every case is different and liability can be difficult to prove.

Taxi and Personal Vehicle Accident

After an accident, you can treat the accident similarly to any other accident case. You have to prove that the cab was at fault or liable for your injuries and damages. The major difference when you file a claim against a taxi is that because you are essentially filing a claim against a business, you should expect a bigger fight from the company and driver. The settlements take longer and the case may be more difficult than a case against a personal vehicle.

Most taxis are insured under the company’s insurance. Their insurance may force you to go through more red tape and add difficulty to your suit. Of course, if you are injured in a cab accident, there is no reason why you shouldn’t pursue the claim. The taxi company and the driver may be liable for your injuries and while you can expect a fight, it is usually worth the pursuit.

When you are involved in an accident involving a cab company driver, then your best course of action is to either file a claim against the driver or company insurance. You can file third party claims. If you were hit by a taxi driver and suffered damages, contact a car accident lawyer, like a car accident lawyer in Tampa, FL from Jeff Murphy Law, as soon as possible to determine damages and your best course of action.